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MS Ultrasonic Sieving System 60 US
Efficiency and Reliability in Powder Coating Technology
MS Ultrasonic Sieving System 60 US
Outstanding features:

  • High sieve capacity up to 6-kg/min with mesh widths between 100 - 200μ.
  • Fully automated frequency variation for different types of powder through the MS Ultrasonic Controller.
  • For high-quality surfaces without contamination.
  • Can be integrated into any powder recovery system.
  • Sieve unit can be used in a powder kitchen, fluidized tote containers or from a remote powder storage location.
  • Cost savings through efficient processing of old stored powder boxes.
  • Intensity of ultrasonic power can be adjusted for various powder grades through 999 programs.
  • Easy-clean design for quick color change.
  • External control through standard digital or analog connections.3 freely selectable system programs: Continual, pulse or amplitude sweep.
Innovative sieve technology in powder coating.

All powder equipment users must consider implementing an ultrasonic sieving system when looking for a quality finish.

Using the newly developed MS ultrasonic sieve, you can improve surface quality with respect to all types of contamination and significantly reduce your waste powder ratios.

Depending on the amount and consistency of the material being sieved, the MS Ultrasonic controller automatically matches the oscillation frequency directly transmitted to the sieve unit. Thus, ensuring even the finest foreign particles are filtered out efficiently and effectively from the fresh or recovered powder materials.

The easy-clean sieve system can be used in any powder coating system. The Ultrasonic sieve is typically located in the powder kitchen as standard equipment with all MS fast color change powder booth systems.
MS Ultrasonic Sieving System 60 US
MS Ultrasonic Sieving System 60 US

MS Ultrasonic Sieving System 60 US
MS Ultrasonic fluidized tote 90-L
MS Ultrasonic sieve unit with wall bracket
MS Ultrasonic powder sieve unit 30L for warehouse sieving
MS Ultrasonic Sieving System 60 US
MS Ultrasonic Controller
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