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MS Tribo Powder Systems
Efficiency and Reliability in Powder Coating Technology
MS Tribo Powder Systems
Outstanding features:

  • Unique digital control and Tribo technology improves penetration
  • capacity, surface finish and powder consumption
  • Multifunctional nozzle systems for the finest spray patterns and uniform
  • layer thicknesses
  • Improved quality thanks to easier handling allows for smoother, betterlooking
  • surfaces with no orange peel effect
  • Straightforward powder guiding in creases service life of
  • wearing parts
  • and allows for automated color change
  • MS Modular expandable system from small series to large series requirements
Efficiency and reliability in coating technology

With the new modular control concept, basic coating systems can be
expanded or upgraded in a modular system. The gun unit consisting of control unit, connection kit, powder spray gun

- in both MS Tribo or Corona MS methods
- can be assembled based on configuration.

A modular concept with interesting expansion opportunities including lifting device control and part detection.

MS Tribo Powder Systems for automatic and manual powder coating
MS Tribo Powder Systems
Manual Powder Gun
Manual Powder Gun
topcase S4 controller
Neues topcase S4 controller

  • Touchscreen mit einfacher Bedienung und Visualisierung
  • vorwählbare Standardprogramme „Metallic usw.“
  • Präzise Luftwerte, Pulvermengen, kV und μA Werte
  • einfache Abspeicherung über 1000 Programme
  • universal einsetzbar für Corona und Tribopistolen
  • Patentiertes Corona Feedback System
  • Diagnose Funktionen für Kaskade und Steuergerät
  • Modulares Steuerungskonzept
Technical specifications
Manual powder coating gun MS TP 2000 - 400
Charging current
1 – 10 yA
Protection class
IP 54
Powder output
350g / min (max.)
topcase S4
Controller S4

Power Supply
(AC) 100-240 VAC / 50 - 60 Hz
Input Air Pressure
6 - 8 bar / 90-120 PSI
Measurements B x H x T
200 x 120 x 280 mm
4.1 kg
Protection Category
IP 64
Tribo / Corona
MS Tribo Powder
MS Tribo Powder

The word 'Tribo' stems from the Greek word 'Tribein' which means friction or generation of friction.  In the Tribo charging process, the powder particles rub off the inner Teflon surface at high speed which gives them their charge. The charging takes place in the ionisation channel (charging tube). The specific amount of  flowing Tribo air in the diffuser causes the axial acceleration of the powder particles in the charging tube. The geometry of the charging tube has been constructed so as to insure that all powder particles can be frictionally charged at a high speed in the ionisation channel for a sufficient length of time and with sufficient turbulence that essentially all the particles come into contact with the surface. Since every charging transmission leaves the opposite charging  behind on the surface, a very high opposite charging comes about on the surface on a very short time which will stop the process. Therefore it is necessary to insure that a current flow from the charged surface to earth is in place which bleeds off the opposite charging which occurs.

This process is called charge separation. The powder gets a positive charge,  the negative ions are bled off to earth. The current flow, depending on the type of powder, lies between 2 µA and 8µA. The electrically charged Tribo powder particles are dispersed onto the surface and achieve finer and smoother surfaces with little orange peel. One disadvantage is with metallic-effect powder where the effect doesn't come across as well. In such cases, it is advisable to get in contact with the powder supplier.
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