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topcoat® Series
Efficiency and Reliability in Powder Coating Technology
topcoat® M4 Manual Powder Gun

topcoat® M4 Manual Powder Gun
topcoat® A4 Automatic Powder Gun
topcoat® A4 Automatic Powder Gun
The MS topcoat series represents the latest technological advances in powder coating application, while offering uncompromised
performance characteristics.

Emphasized ease of maneuverability and performance of the powder gun are exhibited through a streamlined and ergonomically
balanced design.

MS topcoat benefits from the latest in control technology. An easy to read operator touch screen control interface allows the operator access to simple and advanced control functions, even when
wearing protective gloves.

Advanced feed-back signal control allows dramatically increased first-pass transfer efficiencies, amounting to considerably higher yields in powder application and productivity cost savings.

All guns are designed for ease of cleaning and maintenance due to the streamlined configuration. A minimum number of replacement spare parts ensure long life and reliability.

Take the test today and see why the exciting line of MS topcoat application equipment offers the best value in today’s powder coating market.
topcoat® M4 Manual Powder Gun
MS topcoat S4 control
MS topcoat M4 manual powder gun features:

  • Ultra-light weight, only 380-grams / 13.4-oz.
  • Ergonomic balanced gun design.
  • Programs and powder settings accessible from manual powder gun.
  • Latest digital electrostatic cascade technology with advanced feed-back
  • Electrostatic circuit, 0-100-kV / 0-100 μA
  • Use of all commercially available powders, including metallic flakes.
  • Range of tips and nozzles for all applications, including sample cup attachment.
  • Ease of color change.
MS topcoat S4 control features:

  • Easy to read and program digital touch screen control panel interface.
  • Pre-programmed control functions set for first coat, re-coat and complex part geometry.
  • Up-to 999, programmable slots available.
  • Use with Corona or Tribo charging MS gun systems.
  • Patented Corona feed-back circuit provides high quality finish with-out use of special accessories.
  • Diagnostic control functions.
  • Modular construction allows for easy expansion for manual or automatic applications.
  • Expandable with modular control concept.
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