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MS Robot for Automated Powder Coating
Efficiency and Reliability in Powder Coating Technology
MS Robot for Automated Powder Coating
MS 6-axis Robotic Powder Coating Application Characteristics:

  • Programmable for up to 999 individual component recipes.
  • Teaching pendent control for programming replication.
  • 6-axis design.
  • Can be utilized for moving or stationary production conveyors.
  • Fully automatic coating of high volume component production, or for replacement of operating personnel in touch-up applications.
Production powder coating operations can benefit from the latest advances in robotics for reduction of labor costs and improved coating consistency.

A 6-axis robot can be employed in various capacities in the powder coating application process. Typical applications involve using a robot in-place of a manual operator for performing pre-touch-up operations. An example may be for large cabinet enclosures where the hard to coat interior surfaces are pre-coated with the robot, while easier to coat surfaces; such as wall and side panels, are coated with conventional automated application equipment. Robots can also be effectively employed as stand-alone units for high
volume component production systems.

Products can be stopped in front of the robot, or the robot can be taught to follow parts when using conventional moving conveyor systems.

Teaching the robot is done in “real time” using a manually controlled teaching pendant. Once saved to the PLC, the program is consistently repeatable on any given part. Recipe control allows up to 999 program settings. Typically, once programmed a robot will allow production increases of up to 20%, due to repeatability of the automation process.
MS Robot for Automated Powder Coating
MS Robot for Automated Powder Coating
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