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Powder Cycle

Controlled powder spray is applied to products by the application equipment.  Oversprayed powder is collected by extraction ductwork, typically located in the floor of the booth enclosure.  The booth enclosure is fabricated of high strength white PVC material.  Double wall sandwich construction, with an air gap reduces static charge of the remaining powder keeping the walls, ceilings and floor clear of high powder accumulation.

Purpose designed ductwork connects the booth to the high efficiency cyclone.  The trapezoidal configuration ensures the highest efficiency in powder reclaimation.  In spray to reclaim operations, a minute volume of powder fines is purged from the incoming powder air mixture and ducted to the Absolute filter, where it is collected for waste disposal.

When in reclaim mode, the 97% efficient cyclone returns usable powder to the color kitchen via the integral parastaltic powder feed pump module.  The cyclone and extraction duct are designed to be self-cleaning, further reducing the need for operator maintenance during routine color changes.

The color kitchen is equipped with an ultrasonic sieving device.  The sieve removes any contamination, or powder clumps accumulated in the spray process and allows only classified powder particulate to return to the powder feed hopper tote.  Fresh, or virgin powder can be automatically fed to the color kitchen, further keeping the system in total balance through either Big-Bag sack technology, or from boxes and cartons, using P50 high volume pump technology.

Cleaning of the powder system is done with minimal operator interface as most complex tasks are undertaken in completely automatic mode.  

In typical powder coating applications, as little as 3-kg, or 5-lbs. of powder are in circulation at any given time.  The small amount of powder in circulation and the amount of time required to perform color changes, makes it feasible to run small batches, while still reclaiming over-sprayed powders.

Contamination free color changes are achievable in under 6-minutes on all MS Powder Systems.
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