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MS PLC - Process Control Systems
Efficiency and Reliability in Powder Coating Technology
MS PLC - Process Control Systems
MS PLC Process Control Features:

  • Easy to read touch screen access for all functions of powder coating system operations and data storage.
  • Siemens S7 PLC system as standard, Allen-Bradley, available as optional.
  • Equipment overview with target / actual indicators and key stroke accessibilty all conveniently displayed on easy to read screens.
  • Adjustable set-up parameters for application equipment, gun motion equipment, and powder feed systems and accessories.
  • Program recipe storage.
  • Powder booth monitoring of data and storage, includes production rates, hours of operation, safety monitoring and storage of error codes.
  • Password protection, as desired for non-essential operation screens and data aquisition functions.
  • M2 features removable flash drive.
  • M3 series features hard drive with computer accessibility and LAN / BUS connections for remote access.
  • Complete documentation.
MS Powder Systems are successfully implemented through-out the world, providing end users with the latest in fast color change booth systems technology.

Each of the latest MS fast color change powder coating system concepts feature user friendly touch screen control systems. The booth enclosure, powder kitchen, powder circulation, recovery,
application equipment and control technology are all optimally coordinated harmoniously through a user friendly PLC operating system.

On the conveniently located touch screen, an operator has access to all daily operating parameters, such as application equipment electrostatic and powder feed control parameters. Stored information includes production data and usage information
in addition to any error codes.

All systems are capable of establishing coating parameters associated with light bar parts detection technology. Product
parameters, including length, width and height, along with conveyor line speed are processed to optimize automatic coating

Programmed recipes ensure repeatable and consistant coating results.

Two different PLC systems are offered, depending on specific customer requirements. The basic M2 operating system features a Siemens S7-300 series and an MP370 touch screen. The M2 uses a flash card storage, in lieu of a hard drive and can store up to 300 recipes.

An expandable M3 PLC offers the highest standard of flexibility. The functionality of the system centers around a Siemens
S7-400 PLC processor. The equipment can be connected and accessed remotely using an ethernet connection. The M3 system has recipe storage capacity for 1,000+ individual programs.

Programmed product recipes ensure consistant and repeatable coatings results, while acheiving the highest overall system efficiencies.
MS PLC - Process Control Systems
MS PLC - Process Control Systems
MS PLC - Process Control Systems
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