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MS Reciprocators
Efficiency and Reliability in Powder Coating Technology
MS Reciprocators
MS reciprocator characteristics:

  • Operation via gear motor and wear-resistant toothed belt.
  • Short and long stroke design configurations.
  • Configured for vertical or horizontal gun configurations.
  • Smooth and reliable operation.
  • Robust bearing MS side guide with high load capacity, up to 80-kg.
  • Control via frequency invertor with position detection in either mm or cm.
  • Infinitely variable speed regulation and programmable reversal point settings.
  • Program creation for specific workpieces, to 999 programs.
  • Gap control, cleaning position and variable outputs are all programmable.
  • Adjustable parameters configured to accomodate changes in conveyor speed.
  • Low-maintenance and robust design.
  • ATEX compliant
Precision and reliability in movement technology

Electronically controlled reciprocators with X-Y and Z axis movement
have been developed for efficient production operation in automated powder or liquid coating systems.

This sophisticated system can be expanded due to its modular design, from a simple control module and single axis movement, through to complex axis motion control systems using PLC controls.

Systems can be configured for manual operation or automated
through light bar sensor packages.

Sophisticated control for automated coating of enclosures, using Z-axis movement can be acheived.

Reciprocator stroke legths are available in increments to 12-M.

Reliability and robustness, as with all MS systems, is our trademark.
MS Reciprocators
Technical Data                        Reciprocator
Motor capacity
0.75-kW / 1-HP
Stroke - standard lengths
Electrical connection
220V / 380V / 50Hz
230/460-V / 3-Ph / 60-Hz. (North America)
Protection category
II 3 D IP54 T85°C
MS Reciprocators
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