Fresh Powder Pump P50 - International Powder Systems Version 2022 old

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MS Fresh Powder Pump P50 Mobile
Efficiency and Reliability in Powder Coating Technology
MS Fresh Powder Pump P50 Mobile
MS P50 Fresh Powder Feed Pump:

  • Powder supply from standard commercial powder containers.
  • Ideal for fully automated powder supply using monitored fresh powder feed.
  • Constant flow supply, digitally adjustable.
  • Clean, low-dust powder transfer movement.
  • Fully automatic fast cleaning.
  • Timer.
  • Program creation.
  • Interface for system remote control.
  • ATEX Compliant.
  • Fast amortization period.
MS Fresh Powder Pump P50 Mobile
Technical specifications

Flow Rate
0 - 5,000 g/min
Conveyor Distance:
20-m / 60-ft
Hose Compressed Air Supply
6 bar / 90-PSIG
230 VAC 50 Hz / 120-V 7 1-ph / 60-hz (North America)
Powder Output
450-g/min.  / 1-lb/min. (max.)
Economical for automatic powder coating

The latest generation of pneumatic MS bulk powder feed pumps is characterized by the quality of gentle pumping of powder.   

Low volume compressed air is needed to operate.  Controllable flow rates, clean and low-dust powder movement is achieved.

Applications include supplying fresh powder from supplier provided powder boxes, or containers, BIG-BAG bulk sacks, waste powder emptying.

The pump is designed to move powder over long distances, therefore, the system can be remotely sited from the application area keeping the work area clean.
MS Fresh Powder Pump P50 Mobile
MS Fresh Powder Pump P50 for Color Kitchen

MS Fresh Powder Pump P50 for Color Kitchen
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