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MS FCC Powder Booth System
Efficiency and Reliability in Powder Coating Technology
MS FCC Powder Booth System
MS Model FCC Booth Characteristics:

  • Increased productivity, color change in six-minutes, or less in full recovery mode.
  • Improved application efficiency, due to MS double wall PVC sandwich cabin booth construction.
  • Increased over-all powder system efficiency due to unique self-cleaning MS cyclone design, up to 97%.
  • Minimal use of powder coating material in circulation at any given time, with optimum amount of material in circulation, due to sophisticated PLC control sensors being utilized.
  • Booth design can be configured for multiple applications, including fully automated or robotic applications, with, or with-out external manual touch-up stations.
  • Small foot-print of automatic section improves efficiency and time of automated booth enclosure clean-up.
  • Quiet operation, typically less than 70-dba.
  • Fast amortization.
Global customized MS powder systems:

MS Powder Systems are successfully implemented through-out the world, providing end users with the latest in fast color change booth system technology.

An ever increasing variety of colors and products, combined with smaller production batch sizes, requires an ever greater degree of flexibility in powder coating booth system designs. With the latest MS fast color change concepts, the booth enclosure, powder kitchen, powder circulation, recovery, application equipment and control technology are all optimally coordinated harmoniously through a user friendly PLC operating ystem. The concept results in a particularly advantageous cost to use ratio and fast amortization.

The FCC (Fast Color Change) booth can be configured for various configurations, including fully automated operation, robotic application, with or, with-out integrated external manual touch-up stations.

MS FCC quick color change powder coating system with X-Y-Z axis positioning application equipment:
MS FCC Powder Booth System
MS FCC Powder Booth System
MS FCC Powder Booth System
MS FCC Powder Booth System
Conveniently located PLC Touch Screen operator interface provides monitoring and control of all
Automated coating of complex parts with reciprocators and base movers.
Robotic pre-coating, 6-axis robot with
MS topcoat powder spray gun.
MS FCC Powder Booth System
MS FCC Powder Booth System
MS FCC Powder Booth System
MS FCC Powder Booth System
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