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MS MDF Powder Coating Systems
Efficiency and Reliability in Powder Coating Technology
MS MDF Powder Coating Systems
MS MDF Powder Coating Systems Characteristics:

  • Complete MDF powder coating system from a single source supplier.
  • Configuarable conveyor transport system designed around production coating and site specific needs.
  • Increased productivity, booth color change in six-minutes, or less in full recovery mode.
  • Improved powder application efficiency, due to MS double wall PVC sandwich cabin booth construction.
  • Increased over-all powder system efficiency due to unique self-cleaning MS cyclone design, up to 97%.
  • Minimal use of powder coating material in circulation at any given time, with optimum amount of material in circulation, due to sophisticated PLC control sensors being utilized. through-out
  • Quiet operation, typically less than 70-dba.
  • Gas catalytic infra-red curing oven controlled through system touch screen PLC.
  • Fast amortization.
Complete turnkey MS MDF fast color change powder coating systems are utilzed around the world by coaters of high density wood products used in a variety of applications. With over ten years of MDF coatings experience, MS now offers customized equipment solutions for coating, conveying and curing of MDF products, all from a single source.

Whether small production or mass production is determined, a purpose built conveyor system of either enclosed track mono-rail or power and free configuration is utilized for product movement
through-out the system. Conveyor paths are developed around actual coatings needs and configured to suit individual
site requirements.

At the heart of the system is the FCC fast color change powder booth. The booth is specifically configured for MDF powder coating applications. Automatic color changes can be performed in as
little as 6-minutes.

Typical installations feature MS designed gas catalytic infrared powder ovens with automated controls. A Siemens SPS PLC control with convenient touch screen technology, emcompassing
product recognition, is used to monitor and process all system operations. These functions include conveyor and oven settings in addition to booth application parameters, thereby ensuring
consistant coating results and appearance of finished product.


MDF Pulverbeschichtungsanlagen<br />MDF powder coating<br />Powder Systems<br />powder coating<br />
MDF Pulverbeschichtungsanlagen<br />MDF powder coating<br />Powder Systems<br />powder coating<br />
MDF Pulverbeschichtungsanlagen<br />MDF powder coating<br />Powder Systems<br />powder coating<br />
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