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MS Oberflächentechnik AG

MS Powder Systems, Switzerland, your global specialist for powder coating systems, offers:

Engineering • Product Development • Fabrication / Assembly • Consulting and Support Services

MS Oberflächentechnik AG

International Powder Systems
Wegenstrasse 14 / 16
CH- 9436 Balgach Switzerland
Tel. +41 71 727 13 70

topcoat<br />Powder gun<br />topcoat Serie 4<br />topcoater<br />Tribo Powder Pack<br />Pulverküche PKV 24<br />Ultrasonic Siebsystem US-60<br />Frischpulverpumpe P50 mobil<br />Big Bag<br />PC Systeme<br />Bewegungsautomaten<br />Roboter 6 Achsen<br />Zyklonabscheider<br />Absolutfilter<br />FCO Opendoor<br />FCC Powder System<br />FCH Horizontal Kabinensysteme<br />FCB Kabinensysteme<br />MDF Powder System<br />MS Oberflächentechnik AG <br />Wegenstrasse 14 /16<br />CH-9436 Balgach

2016 celebrates the 25th anniversary of MS Powder Systems as an innovative global leader in powder coatings equipment technology.  MS Powder Systems is based in Balgach, Switzerland, considered by many as the world’s Powder Valley.

Many innovative systems concepts have arisen from the willingness of MS Powder Systems to take on specialty market fields.  Many of these niche products have led to advancements in more traditional powder coating equipment markets.

MS Powder Systems are in operation around the world.  Our technical team of industry specialists are available to assist with your project needs.

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